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How to slow down your dog’s eating?

Does your dog eat too fast? How to slow down your dog’s eating? However, eating food in a record time is impressive but if the dog eating too fast then this article is for you.

In this guide, we will share several problems that may cause because eating too fast and some essential tips that will help you slow down the eating. So let’s keep reading the article and collect the tips to help live the dog healthy and happy.

Know the Risks

There is a risk of danger if the dog eats meals too fast. Firstly it has a risk of choking on their food. If they don’t take enough time to chew properly, the food can easily become lodged in their throats.

Thus all the pup parents should be aware of how to do the doggy Heimlich maneuver. Besides, choking on food is always a scary thing and it could be life-threatening.

On the other hand, if the dog can safely swallow every bite while eating it won’t stay in their stomachs and they will be healthy. Many dogs who eat too fast vomiting entire meals after finishing.

Besides, if you dare to look closely then you will discover the thrown-up food is looking the same as the food that you put in your dog’s bowl.

The reason is it was hardly chewed and the stomach didn’t get enough time to absorb nutrients.
The most serious concern about the dog is gastric dilation-volvulus (GDV), also known as bloat. It happened when the dog takes air while eating.

As a result, the stomach expands and sometimes it can be twisted inside the abdomen. It’s a life-threatening cause and because of this bloat, around 30% of dogs die.

There are several signs of bloat including retching, ballooning of the dog’s abdomen, and general restlessness.

If your dog suffering from bloat then you should immediately take him to the emergency vet. A big dog that has deep chests is mostly at the risk of bloat as they eat five times faster than the dog that eats slowly.

How to Slow down Your Dog’s Eating

Wish we could chat with our dog and try to convince him why he should eat slowly! As it is not possible, so you must figure out some effective way to maintains a dog’s healthy and safe life. Here we will discuss some strategies that will help you deal with such a crucial problem

Buy a Slow-Feeder Bowl

As the name suggests, slow-feeder bowls discover to force the dog to eat slowly. However there is different type slow feeder bowl available at the market, but the main reason is same.

Rather than being a regular bowl that design with a smooth interior, these slow feeders seem like 3-D mazes.

Even some come in a more complex design, but all the slow feeders disperse the food to prevent a dog from eating all at once. So buying a slow feeder bowl will be a great idea.

Make Your Own Slow-Feeder Bowl

You can still make your slow feeder at home if you don’t have enough money or don’t want to spend.

The easiest way is to take a tennis ball and put it in the middle of the dog’s food bowl. The dog will have to work around the ball to eat food, thus it will reduce the speed of eating food.

Another popular idea is you can spread out food on a large cookie sheet or leave the food out in an old muffin tin.

Use Puzzle Toys

Treat-dispensing dog toys and puzzle toys can help you slow down the dog eating process. At the same time, it will add extra benefits of offering them excellent mental enrichment.

As the market is covered with numerous options, you should choose considering the dog’s skill level and favorite type of play

You may find balls that release toys while they will roll on-field or floor. It can be a puzzle that needs problem-solving skills.

Plus it can be toys of all shapes that need to be tossed, pushed, and spun to release their goodies.

However, some dog owner use toys for snack time but can use to supply dogs with the whole meal. Especially it doesn’t need to wash a dog bowl again.

Turn Meal Times into Training Time

Every dog needs regular training sessions to live healthily. So you can train your dog at dinner time as it will be the perfect time to motivate a food-driven dog.

You can use the dog’s regular food and dole it out in bits while he reacts to your cues. Even you can apply old behaviors since training for the latest tricks.

It will bring several advantages including keeping them active, help to move the body, prevent them from eating fast, and reduce the risk of sickness. Most importantly you can control their eating time.

Split Up Meal Times throughout the Day

Eating time won’t be much dangerous if the dog eats small amounts. Research shows that the dog that eats one meal a day is at more risk of developing bloat than the dog that eats two meals a day.

It means eating more food more quickly puts them in danger. So try to feed them multiple times in a day with small portions rather than feeding a large amount at a time.

Use a Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat is a very helpful tool that helps to engage a dog’s mind and let them work for food. It is made with strips of long fabric.

It looks like long grass and helps dogs act like their natural foraging instincts. Just you have to sprinkle the dog’s regular food onto the mat. Even you can make it more challenging by tucking some food deep inside the fabric.

The dog will enjoy finding food and it will force them to spend several minutes to find out every piece. Thus it will slow down your dog’s eating.

Hand Feed

Training like hand-feeding is recommended for people who want to improve their bond with the dog. At the same time, it helps address several issues like bite inhibition and resource guarding.

As a bonus, it does a wonderful job by reducing dogs eating speed. If you dare to do it, let’s hold on to your dog’s food bowl and feed them from your hand. Ensure that they chewing properly before taking on the mouth again.

Remember while you following the tricks don’t do such a thing that encourages their rude behavior. Try to avoid offering food when they pawing at your hand, barking, or whining. You should wait until they sit politely and realize only good behavior will help them get what they want.

Final words

So how to slow down your dog’s eating? Hope you get enough idea to apply. As his health and safety in your hand, so let’s pay attention to such crucial things and help them be healthy.

You can try one of the ideas that suit most, even can apply multiple just to make slow down their eating speed and prevent the risk of bloating and other life-threatening danger.