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A Must-Read Capstar For Dogs Review (Updated 2020)

I own a 2yr old Chihuahua. I notice that she was scratching herself a lot so I started digging deeper to determine the cause. That is when I understand that she was infested with fleas.

This was a shocking to me as she stays indoors most of the time. But since I wanted to alleviate her suffering, I started penetrating for a solution. Unfortunately, I understand that most of the products that are marketed as remedies for fleas such as dog flea collars and shampoos only bark without freezing.

Even where they look as if to work, the results do not last for long. I also came athwart a few where you were supposed to administer them to your dog endlessly for several months. If you are like me and have an exciting schedule, you will be looking for something that works immediately.

I tried many products but the most of them were ineffective. This left me sensitivity frustrated because even after spraying my dog and home, a new group of fleas would blossom, this time with a retaliation.

I discuss with a friend who works in a dog shelter to find out how they handled these threatening fleas. She gave away to me that since I often took my dog for socialization at a narrow park, that is most likely where she got the fleas from. But she added that no dog is completely safe from vermin.

My friend recommended that I try Capstar for dogs as it used a new approach that seemed to work immediately. I determined to give it a try even though I was a bit skeptical about the product. After using Capstar for dogs, I can acknowledge that this is one of the most useful oral flea pills for dogs.

The product works great and you start to see results within four hours. However, it is not protective and will only kill the vermin on your dog.

Capstar tablets are existing in two different formulas. One is for large dogs even as the other is for puppies and small breed of dogs. To help you realize each product better, here is my complete Capstar flea tablets review and analysis.

The History Of Capstar For Dogs

If your hairy friend is infected with fleas, one of the options that are worth allowing for is Capstar flea treatment for dogs. The product is artificial by Novartis, a Swiss pharmaceutical giant that has been in survival since 1966.

The treatment option is permitted by the FDA for controlling fleas. It is secure for use in dogs that have a body weight of above two pounds and are at least 4yr old.

The flea pill works very fast and will begin killing vermin in less than thirty minutes. Capstar has dissimilar formulations that are suited for different sizes of pets. Hence, it is essential to pick one that is suitable for the size of your canine.

It is existing in unflavored tablets that can be fed directly to your dog or mixed with food. A dose is made of a single tablet that starts working immediately the dog ingests it.

Each pill should be administered every two days until all the vermin are completely gone. A flea has a hatching life cycle of three days and thus, it is important to continue using the pill until results are seen. To get rid of fleas in your home, you need to combine Capstar with other protective measures.

How To control Capstar Flea Treatment

Capstar flea treatment will kill all the adult vermin within a period of four hours after administering it to your dog, but the result of the formula lasts for twenty-four hours. The flea treatment formula works by adversely moving the central nervous system of the parasites. Even though it acts fast, it is secure for use in pets as it doesn’t last long in your puppy’s system.

Still, it is advisable to avoid giving more than one tablet in a day. You should also continue monitoring your pet after administering the formula. It may also make them feeling thirst so it would be advisable to give them plenty of water.

This product is a good disappearance from the common serum that works by spreading it along the body of the dog. Most other louse and tick remedies have a monthly treatment schedule, yet Capstar is a quick remedy for fleas.

Keep in mind that it only kills the adult fleas and not the eggs. If the vermin are in your home, you will also need to use it in mixture with other flea treatment options. You can use a flea comb to get clear of any dead fleas.

What Users Are Saying About Capstar Flea action

The majority of users concur that the product is highly efficient for their dogs. This is especially the case where it is used beside shampoos, sprays, dog collars, and other methods of flea action. No matter how large the plague is, you will be sure to see a decrease in fleas.

However, there are some users who have reported noticing unfavorable reactions in their furry friends. After taking the medication, some canines would heave, scratch, seem lethargic, and stop eating and drinking. though, this is a temporary problem that is a result of the fleas disappearing.

Key Features Of Capstar Flea action For Dogs

Here are the key features of the method:

Active Ingredient

Capstar flea treatment has Nitenpyram as the active element. This is a chemical that works by arresting the outside parasite’s central nervous system. It is administered verbally making the pet’s blood toxic to the pest.

A study was conducted in 2003 to consider the efficiency of Nitenpyram when administered as a single dose. It was noted that the component was able to kill 100% of adult fleas within a day.

However, it is not useful in killing flea eggs on the pet. This is why it is sensible to use it in combination with a dog flea shampoo to totally get rid of eggs.

Ease Of Use

No matter how useful a product is, if your pet is not ready to take it, you will be in problem. Some users report that their dogs reject to take it. A good idea is to crush it before adding into your pet’s food.


The product is usually safe for pets which are over four weeks old and at least two pounds. Nitenpyram, which is the lively ingredient, can be toxic to humans. Therefore, it is vital to keep it locked away from children.

Pros And Cons Of Capstar Flea action

When doing this Capstar review, I exposed the following pros and cons:


Very effective: As compared to other products out there, it is very helpful. Capstar flea treatment is able to get rid of fleas inside twenty-four hours.

Instant: Some flea products need time before they work which gives time for adult fleas to duplicate. On the other hand, Capstar will start killing fleas immediately.


Not a long-term solution: Since the formula works very quickly, it also means its result is not long-term. You need to combine it with a long-term flea manage solution if you want to prevent reinfestation.

Some pets don’t like the taste: Many dog owners declare in their Capstar reviews that their pets resist taking the pills.

Nitenpyram-side-effects: The manufacturer agrees that the active component may have side effects such as too much scratching.

Top 2 Capstar For Dogs Formula

When I was undertaking this Capstar for dogs review, I revealed the following top solutions from the company:

1.Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea action For Larger Dogs

Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea action For Larger Dogs

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According to the FDA, it is vital to determine the ingredients used in pet flea medications as these could origin neurological problems. According to the FDA warning, problems generally happen with drugs containing Isoxazoline. The excellent news is that Capstar for dogs has Nitenpyram as the active component, not Isoxazoline.

The Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea action For Larger Dogs is a great choice for helping deal with a flea eruption in bigger breeds of dogs. Each tablet has fifty-seven milligrams of Nitenpyram which makes it a superior choice for large dogs that weigh between twenty-five pounds and one hundred and twenty-five pounds.

2.Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea action For Small Dogs

Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea action For Small Dogs

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If you would like to kill adult vermin in puppies and small dog breeds before they make an infestation, Capstar Fast-Acting Oral louse Treatment For Small Dogs is the right option for your downy friend.

Each tablet of this method has 11.4 milligrams of Nitenpyram which makes it suitable for puppies and little breed of dogs that have a weight of two to twenty-five pounds. It is advisable to read during the instructions to understand the protected use of flea products. It have to be given once a day, with or without food.

My Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Capstar is a radical product when it comes to offensive fleas from the inside out. I can confidently announce that this is one of the most effective products I have initiate on the market that is able to completely get rid of fleas.

However, it is only valuable in killing adult fleas that are on your pet’s body. You need to mingle it with other topical solutions to be sure that no fleas will stay alive on your pet or in your home.

It is important to also pay concentration to how your dog reacts after ingesting the first dose. This is vital as adverse reactions such as vomiting have been noted, especially in small breeds of dogs and puppies. If you are like me, you may want to start by giving a small piece of the tablet to your puppy. Once you are happy that he will handle the medication, you can increase the dosage.

If you would like to take manage of the flea infestation on your dog, order Capstar today. Use this Capstar for dogs review to decide the right one for your dog and you will be on your way to building the right decision.