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Best Dog Cages Escape Proof 2020-dogbreeds

What makes a great “no escape” kennel your pets will adore and that won’t make them suffer from needless anxiety?

It needs to be strong, durable and heavy sufficient to withstand any escape attempt. But, it also needs to be comfy and spacious enough to allow your pets to remain limited for a longer period of time (for example if you are traveling).

Just like with all other tools, the market is oversaturated with various brands and models of so-called chew-proof and unavoidable cages that can’t live up to the task. It can be actually challenging to find one that will genuinely suit the needs of your dog, particularly if you don’t know a lot about these items. Read our review guidelines for the best heavy duty dog crates, and discover everything that you need to know before purchasing one of them.

By the time you read this article, you will know everything you require to make a decision and your pet will love you for it. Make to notice our top 11 crates for 2019 overall.

1.Guardian Gear ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

Next up is the Guardian Gear Empire, it’s one of the most robust crates on today’s market, designed to remain even the most aggressive or anxious canines safely contained.

It weighs 15.2 pounds and has the dimensions of 37? X 25.3? X 33.8?. Unlike the plastic cages which are flat to your pup’s chewing, this thing is guaranteed to stop every runaway artist from achieving his goal. The crate is very spacious and can simply accommodate canines of all breeds and sizes – it’s one of the model’s main selling points.

Guardian Gear Collapsible Dog Crate

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The construction superiority of this model deserves only words of praise. Every stress point on its surface has undergone some serious duty welding, so there’s no need to concern about breaking on bumpy roads. Furthermore, the crate’s corners are rounded off, preventing the option of accidental cuts. It is also rust-resistant.

When it comes to security, we were pleased to find a couple of sturdy latches on the frontal door. They sport the power of the steel tubing, preventing the dog from unlocking them in any likely way. Cleaning-wise, the ProSelect Empire comes with a detachable steel tray which makes keeping the product clean a real breeze.

Even though the crate model is big and heavy, transporting it is a piece of cake. The thing that makes this likely is the inclusion of removable caster wheels – one only has to push or pull the thing to move it from one place to another.

When it comes to downsides, we didn’t like the cost tag of ProSelect Empire – it is among the most costly heavy-duty steel dog cages on the market. Therefore, it’s not really appropriate for budget-minded shoppers.

In our opinion, the ProSelect Empire is a perfect option for the owners of strong, large dogs that always simply escape from conventional crates. This model is guaranteed to easily handle every escape attempt of your four-legged companion.

  • Highly tough thick steel construction
  • Rust-resistant
  • Great for large and medium dogs
  • Grated floor tray
  • Removable caster wheels
  • Quite pricey

2.Impact Dog Crate (Collapsible), 400 Model, Large, Grey in Color

As one of the most costly models we’ve reviewed so far, manufactured by Grain Valley has a construction superiority that justifies its price. This is an exceptional piece of pet equipment, and one that certainly deserves a more in-depth look – let’s do it together!

Impact Dog Crate (Collapsible), 400 Model, Large, Grey in Color

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This crate is a completely collapsible model – it takes just a couple of second to collapse it to a height of mere 8 inches! When we unite this with the IATA compliant license and the lightweight build, we get a model that’ sports high portability and is very simple to store away.

Another space-saving feature here is that the crate features stacking corners – one can simply stack multiple Grain Valley crates together.

When it comes to safety measures, the kennel comes with the so-called “slam” latch, turning the enclosure into a self-closing model. The combination of aluminum and stainless steel as the main build materials are guaranteed to provide your pet with the essential amount of security during the car rides. One more thing worth mentioning is that the model is rust resistant, removing the requirement to avoid rain and wet conditions.

The ventilation, on the other hand, is solved by the count of a generous number of holes in each side of the crate. Their reason is to promote extra airflow and permit the owner to use the cage on warm days. The heat can also cause vanishing of toxic materials, but that’s not something you need to be anxious about with this model – no harmful chemicals were used during its manufacture.

On the downside, this crate doesn’t come with a removable tray. This will present an issue for the owners of dogs prone to accidents. The model is also quite costly, but we certainly didn’t expect a low price for a crate with such a great design and construction superiority.

For the price that it comes at, this model surely offers a lot – it’s one of the best indestructible crates we’ve had the chance to test so far. As such, we can do nothing else but give it our sincere recommendation.

  • Collapsible, space-saving design
  • Tough anti-corrosion construction
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • No harmful toxins or chemicals
  • Easy to assemble
  • Higher price
  • Requires some meeting

3.LUCKUP Escape Proof Dog Crate

Offering premium quality, the LUCKUP heavy duty dog crate is specially designed for medium-sized and large breeds. Rider you are dealing with a big, energetic, and aggressive pet, and then you’ll require kennel a bit stronger, than a standard unit.

Therefore, the LUCKUP cage might be your next pick. The 43-inch model will be roomy enough to accommodate your pet’s needs.

LUCKUP Escape Proof Dog Crate

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This kennel comes able to with a steel frame constriction, which sets it apart from the competition. The manufacturer uses squirt paint technology, which prevents rust and decay or the tubes.

The enclosure features slide-out tray made of flexible material, while the grated floor allows urine and other remains to pass below in the tray. For that reason, it’s very convenient for untidy dogs. You can take out the tray and clean it in a few minutes.

The wheels are universal and can be rotated 360 degrees. They feature a lock mechanism so that you can end them at any time.

Moreover, the unit contains three types of doors, designed for various purposes. The front door ensures a ideal way to let your dog in and out of the crate. Alternatively, there is a small door in the front which you can use to provide your pet with food and water.

Finally, the door located on the top is fixed to proffer a quick escape route, for whatever reason. A great thing about LUCKUP is that it can be assembled in just five minutes.

Overall, the new LUCKUP dog kennel will be ideal for transporting your pet over long distances, while the security mechanism prevents his escape.

  • Steel frame
  • Easy to gather
  • Features tray
  • Contains multiple locks to prevent escape
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • The metal pipes can decay after the prolonged use

4.PARPET Empire Heavy Duty Crate

The PARPET Empire crate was built to check the ultimate performance and strength of your canine. The reinforced steel tubing makes the construction of this cage factually indestructible, so it can stand up to even to the most powerful dogs.

The surface is covered with the powder finish, which prevents dogs from hurting themselves. On the other hand, the bars are placed with sufficient space to offer your pooch plenty of ventilation and fresh air.

PARPET Empire Heavy Duty Crate

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This crate features front slide-bolt latches which prevent any getaway attempts. In this case, you will propose your pooch a secure and reliable environment as you are away. The front door features two deadbolts, while the safety latches are made of heavy-duty steel.

A lot of time our pets tend to get messy, so we require a kennel that offers a convenient cleaning solution. The PARPET comes with a slide-out tray, which makes it quite simple to clean.

On the other hand, four detachable wheels can lock in place or swivel is you plan to move the cage. Therefore, it’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Additionally, if you habitually travel with your pooch, the PARPET is a great way to secure him inside the car.

For pet parents who are looking for premium superiority, and are ready to pay the price, the PARPET is an brilliant option for heavy-duty dog crate.

  • Heavy-duty and flee-proof construction
  • Slide-out tray
  • Rust resistant
  • 360-degree rotating wheels
  • A bit pricey

5.SMONTER Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage

The structural and gorgeous design is what sets apart SMONTER escape proof dog crate from its competition. It comes equipped with a serious steel frame that can uphold even the liveliest breeds. Also, the metal construction is coated with rust and decay-resistant material, designed to last.

The SMONTER has two doors, one of the top panel, and one at the face side of the kennel. Doors feature double locks, sense that lock-picking pooches will have a stiff time escaping. The bottom of this cage has two plastics slide-out trays instead of one, so you can effortlessly clean anything your dog has left behind.

SMONTER Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage

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Additionally, SMONTER can be fairly convenient for traveling because you can take away or lock the caster wheels, and it is airplane-proof. The bars are appropriately aligned to proffer your pooch plenty of air and improve ventilation.

The bottom line, within this value range, the SMONTER dog crate comes as the highly recommended solution. It will stay your pet secure, while you are out finishing your errands, or having a exciting day at work.

  • Two separate trays
  • Simple to assemble
  • The floor has a square pipe which provides a firm base for dogs
  • Affordable
  • Challenging to clean from the inside
  • You might need to repair the pipes after prolonged use

6.49″ Stackable Open Top Heavy Duty Cage w/Casters

Dog kennels are pretty big things, and still small ones can take quite a lot of space in your home. Though, this might not be a problem for pet parents with small dogs, but for those who remain large breeds.

However, appropriate size and heavy-duty construction have made 49” Stackable a favorite among dog owners. It features steel bars that are unfeasible to penetrate. They are coated with a fine finish to prevent your pooch from damaging his teeth or skin.

49Stackable Open Top Heavy Duty Cage wCasters

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Additionally, this kennel has an outstanding anti-rust ability, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. It features three types of dissimilar doors, designed for multiple purposes. Small door frank is quite convenient for water and food, while the top door provides a speedy escape route.

They are equipped with the double chain lock, and the all-metal design makes it practically impossible for your pooch to get out. The 49” Stackable has a slide-out tray, which is fairly convenient and painless to clean. The plastic floor grid features the small hole, leaving the cage clean, as the residue goes into the tray.

We have to point out this crate contains 360-degree rotating wheels with casters, which makes it comfy to manipulate and move around. On top of that, you can assemble the whole unit in a couple of minutes.

Once we consider price and superiority this product provides, you are getting an excellent barging. The cage will propose your pooch the maximum comfort while you are away.

  • Strong design
  • Non-toxic finish surface
  • Simple to clean
  • Airy and spacious
  • Lock chains can break after some time
  • Not for overly aggressive dogs

7.SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage, 42-Inch, Hammered Silver

SmithBuilt is one of the most renowned manufacturers of further strong metal dog crates – they’re well-known for the relieve and security of their models. Those looking for a sensibly priced heavy duty dog crate should consider their latest product, the SmithBuilt Heavy, as it offers good construction quality, a convenient 2-door design, and a detachable pan for easy cleaning.

Unlike the cheaper kennels, the SmithBuilt serious comes with an ultra-durable and multi-layered finish which is resistant to decay and fading. It has a very beautiful design and offers 360-degree visibility to the dog, as well as the optimal airflow. The employ of premium materials in its construction makes it one of the top choices in its cost category.

SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage, 42-Inch, Hammered Silver

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One thing we like about this model is that it comes with two divide doors. There’s the top door, which the proprietor can use for feeding his pet, as well as the front door that provides the canine with simple access to the interior. The front door has two slide-bolt latches, providing your pooch with the essential safety and security.

The SmithBuilt Heavy is also equipped with a detachable metal pan. It is made out of long-lasting, high-quality material that’s very simple to wash and keep clean. Furthermore, its flooring pieces won’t keep stains or odor, allowing you are a pet to stay fit and clean at all times.

Another thing we liked about this crate is that it comes with four rolling casters. As you can previously guess, these provide maximum portability and allow the owner to move the entity inside and outside the house quickly.

When it comes to disadvantages, we didn’t like that the top door has merely one latch, unlike the frontal one which has two. Escape artist dogs could exploit this error and productively make their escape. Moreover, the steel used for the model’s construction isn’t actually of the highest quality, but it should serve the purpose.

If you’re on a tight budget but still require an escape-proof kennel for your pup, absolutely take SmithBuilt Heavy into consideration. It’s a reliable model with useful features that effortlessly put it above the competition.

  • Affordable price
  • Two-door design
  • Rolling casters for portability
  • Removable metal pan
  • 360-degree visibility
  • A dog can potentially open the top door

How Dogs Typically Escape Standard Crates

Unluckily, our canine friends find escaping from standard crates incredibly easy. To even have a probability of keeping them inside, the owners require to understand how their four-legged friends manage to escape in the first place.

There are endless variations, so we’re going to focus simply on the three most common methods – chewing, direction of the latch, and the brute force.

Chewing on Connectors

Most of the regular wire crates come among metal connectors – their purpose is to keep the door-mounted accurately and the sides connected with each other. Unfortunately, these connectors are frequently very flimsy, so it’s not a problem for the dogs to mangle them among their teeth and simply escape during the opening afterward. Remember, dogs can chew through almost anything, particularly softer materials.

Manipulating the Latch

If you own an intelligent dog, he’ll perhaps figure out how to escape from a cage sooner or later. One probable way is by manipulating the latch mechanism. His initial attempts to do such a thing might seem random and clumsy, but following some time, he’ll learn how the whole thing works and unlock the crate’s door with amazing speed.

Brute Force

On the other hand, some dogs will just use brute force to bend apart the door bars. After a bit of mouth-work, they will push their heads between the metal bars and use muscles and mass to curve them and fit their bodies through.

Pups often combine these techniques to attain freedom. Don’t expect your pooch to give up easily – he has sufficient energy, time, and drive to get out.

Recommended reading: How to remain Your Dog from Escaping Their Crate?

Important Things to Consider Before Buying

When it comes to considering which features to search for when buying a heavy pet crate, the things are a bit extra complicated than with the regular kennels. Take the subsequent factors into account:

* Size

Although it’s the most important one, size is really a very simple factor. Bigger is always better, except in case you aim to use the crate while traveling. If you do; then try to purchase a model that’s simply a couple of inches longer than your canine friend. Look into our in-depth crate size analysis here.

* Material

There are three most ordinary materials used – steel, aluminum, and wood. The steel ones are the most durable and outstanding option for aggressive dogs. The aluminum kennels are a bit lighter but uniformly as durable, while the wooden ones look the best but aren’t as protected as the two previous versions. For smaller and not violent dogs check top soft-sided crates.

* Portability

Most models come with wheels – they are obligatory. Some models don’t, and we advise you to let alone them as moving them around is a real hassle, particularly if you travel often. Crates with wheels will allow you to effortlessly transport your pooch no matter the circumstances. For the less moveable solution, you might as well go with an outdoor kennel or a good superiority playpen.

* Resistance to Rust

Another critical factor is the resistance to corrosion. Try to find a model that has a protective layer of particular paint that gives it an essential immunity to rust. With such a model, you won’t have to worry when the crate is uncovered to elements.

* Easiness of Entering/Exiting

Make sure that your dog’s new kennel has a large door that allows simple access to the interior. The door wants to be easy to open and close, as well as to stay tight and protected once it’s closed.

* Easiness of Cleaning

Models with detachable trays are the easiest to clean – it’s as simple as that. Make sure to get one if you desire to be done with the chore of cleaning as rapidly as possible.


As you can see, using an escape-proof pet enclosure comes with a lot of benefits, for both the pooch and his owner. This is particularly pronounced if you constantly bring your canine friend with you when you’re traveling – a superiority crate will provide the pet with a safe and comfy space in the car and other vehicles.

Furthermore, using a cage for a longer period will turn this objective into a significant part of the daily life of your pet. It can quickly become the dog’s soothing space, a calm retreat that he can visit every time he wants to. He’ll use it when he’s afraid, stressed, or tired – it will become a haven that belongs merely to him and nobody else.

Dogs that are sick or have suffered a severe injury can also very much benefit. Being able to keep your injured dog confined will certainly give you the needed peace of mind, and it will also prevent the pet from by chance of hurting himself and complicating his condition even further.

Due to these and other benefits, we have decided to put the market’s most popular models on a test. We took an earlier look at each model’s construction quality, level of the console, easiness of cleaning, accessibility, level of ventilation, portability, worth for the money, and other features.

Our short but informative reviews should help you select an ideal heavy-duty crate for your dog that will suit the wants of your pup in every way.

If we had to choose a winner, however, that would certainly be Guardian Gear ProSelect. Although it comes at a higher price, it is, just, one of the best products of this type in today’s market. We recommend it!