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The Most Popular Family-Friendly Dogs

Best Dogs for Kids and Families:-As Lassie and Lady and the Tramp are fun to watch, they’re possibly not the best way to pick the family dog. Let dog breeds help you discover the best dogs for kids.

You can pick good family dogs based on three main factors:

Temperament – This is the dog’s behavior. You should be looking for an agreeable temperament. For example, a calmer dog can form sturdy bonds and be a great companion for your kids.

Size – Size should be seemed at about both temperament and energy level. Some larger dogs tend to be docile, as some smaller dogs can be excitable.

Energy level – This is a topic of preference for your family. Be realistic about the lifestyle you can give to a dog that needs more exercise than average. If you can’t meet a dog’s requirements, his excess energy can lead to behavior problems down the road.

Always meet the dog and ask the breeder or shelter worker some questions before making such a vital decision.

Here are five sample questions to ask

along with Holly Putnam, DVM, a board member for the Association of Shelter Veterinarians:

Is the dog secure for all members of the family?

Some dogs are completely happy to socialize with everyone in the family, as some prefer only adults or one gender.

What type of energy level is the dog?

You may desire a dog that will come with you and the family on long walks, or one that can be carried in your arms the majority of the time.

What ongoing care will the dog need?

Is it a longhaired dog that will require regular grooming, or a senior who may need extra frequent veterinary visits?

What age of dog are you looking for?

Would you favor a puppy that may require lots of training but will possibly socialize well with the entire family, or would you prefer an adult dog that is potty trained, but maybe extra shy when friends come to visit?

Will this dog find along with other pets?

If you have other pets at home, you will want to pick a dog that likes other animals and be sure that your animals like the fresh dog.

the 10 best dogs for kids and families: 



For a faithful, patient pup that’s sure to perform warmly towards the kids, the Bulldog is your go-to breed. The Bulldog has a strong build that is perfect for kids who like to roughhouse. Though, he won’t win any awards for “most energetic dog.” A docile, welcoming, and loyal dog, the Bulldog gets along well with other pets and dogs, too. The Bulldog is comfy living in large houses as well as small apartments. Most are also enjoyable with outside visitors and compatible with other pets, which makes them the ideal fit for a busy, social family.

If you are interested in a Bulldog, remember that the compressed nature of their jaw means they’ll require a little extra care in the teeth cleaning area, and wheezing, snoring and a few drooling is par for the course. On the other hand, their coat needs minimal care, though the folds around their tail and facial wrinkles will need to be cleaned to stop dirt build-up. Their smaller size makes them proper to both large houses and small apartments, as well.



The Beagle’s small size (they can simply be carried!) and calm temperament make him a great option for families, and if your kids love the outdoors, this breed will fit right in, as there’s nothing they love more than exploring outside and taking to the trails. Beagles were initially kept as hunting dogs, and it is strong. They’re never too tired to play games. (If you’re anxious you might bore your new Beagle, don’t worry,

Smart, friendly, and happy, the Beagle typically gets along with other pets, too (except for a bit of chasing here and there). Though, they do shed, and require frequent brushing and bathing. As your Beagle most likely won’t have a bird named Woodstock since his best friend, you can, by all means, name him (or her) Snoopy.

3.Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

Unjustly branded as an aggressive animal, the Bull Terrier was actually bred to be a companion dog—welcoming and loving towards grown-ups and kids alike. This well-framed dog also has a high threshold for hurt, making it perfect for rambunctious children who are learning how to correctly treat dogs.

Remember that your Bull Terrier may often have mischief on its mind, especially when it comes to other small animals and dogs. Avoid difficulties by keeping your pet mentally and physically active every day. Their short, flat coat is simple to care for, and the breed does best as a housedog with simple access to a yard for play.



With a variety of breeds classified as Collies, for example the Border Collie and Bearded Collie, your choices for this family-friendly pup are not only limited to the typical “Lassie” dog, a Border Collie, but we’ll concentrate on that kind of Collie here. Collies are a gentle and expected breed, rarely misbehaving and easily trainable—which is ideal for families that are unfamiliar with dogs. Collies get along great with children and love to satisfy their owners and protect their families.

While this type of breed is classically mild-manner, thus yours may try and herd your children! This might be amusing at first, but it’s possibly best to discourage the child-herding (no matter how handy you may think it could be). Due to the Collie’s long hair, the breed needs regular grooming to keep its coat in tip-top shape. A sensitive and intelligent breed, Collies are both gentle and stubborn, thus keep obedience training in mind.



Nicknamed “Nature’s Babysitter,” the Newfoundland is believed one of the most intelligent breeds in the world, and they only happen to love children and are very protective of them. Gentle, kind, and patient, this breed is roughly like the Mother Teresa of dogs. Both young and old will rapidly fall in love with this wonderfully sweet, large dog.

The Newfoundland best suits a family with large open spaces, and though they are known to drool and shed extremely, they should not be left to live outdoors in the yard. This breed desires to be inside with its family. The Newfoundland is also a great swimmer and it save lives in emergencies. (If you’ll be swimming with your pup,

They are simply trained and are quite task-oriented, so don’t be afraid to provide them with stimulation that needs a little extra work on their part.



While this breed isn’t accurately a common household name, because of its need for regular exercise, it’s one best dog breeds for active and energetic families with older kids.

The Vizsla has an energetic disposition but a gentle manner, and is both loyal and affectionate. The breed is also compliant, confident, and smart, forming close bonds with family and capable of learning new tricks quickly. Sensitive, gentle, and full of power, and consider them with your list of other family-friendly dog breeds.

7.Irish Setter

Irish Setter

Famous for its red coat, the Irish setter is playful, active, loves being around people, and plays well with children. Actually, this breed loves being with their family so much that they hate to be alone, which means they’re on their best behavior when surrounded by their loved ones.

This doggy needs a lot of exercise, and is a good match for energetic kids. A smart and trainable companion, the Irish setter is ideal for people with a yard, and they’re great at greeting new persons into your home, as well.



Besides their regularly-distinctive haircuts, the Poodle also happens to be a very smart and gentle dog. The breed is existing in both miniature and standard sizes, meaning you can decide the specific Poodle size that best matches your living environment. They’re great for kids with allergies, since they shed very little.

Each breed comes with different perks. The Standard breed, for instance, is very obedient and smart, playful, and adventurous (though often shy with strangers, they get along great with familiar folks and kids). Miniatures, on the other hand, tend to dedicate themselves to one person in exacting, but they are good with other pets and kids, and are stylish, responsive, obedient and playful, making them a great match for kids, as well. No matter the particular breed of Poodle, however, their coats do need scheduled grooming.

This is an arrogant and elegant dog that is both caring and loyal. Seldom annoyed or bored,

9.Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

This is one of the most popular dog breeds, and for good cause—the Labrador retriever is playful, patient, loving, protective, and dependable. Another perk—Labs are extremely intelligent, and take well to training. They need a lot of exercise (they love swimming!), so be confident your family is up for the challenge, and a little extra room for them to run around and play in would be best.

Whether it’s the black, chocolate, or yellow range, you’ll discover that all Labradors share the same sense of stamina, power, and obedience that makes them such a popular breed. They are pleasant dogs that get along well with other animals and pretty much everybody they meet, and their short coats means they only really require a weekly combing to keep them clean and healthy.

10.Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a confident, stylish, kind, and loyal dog. Neither aggressive nor timid, the Golden Retriever is very patient, which makes them a perfect match for kids.

As the breed does require a lot of exercise, they love of play (retrieving games are their favorite—for instance, your Golden might love playing with dog flyer disc toys), which makes this a simple goal to achieve. You’ll often find that the fun-loving Golden Retriever is affectionate and obedient; too, meaning your kids will fall in love directly. Proper look after their glorious golden coats requires twice-weekly brushing, and as the breed is adapted to live outdoors, they’d truly prefer to be indoors, with their humans, most of the time.

Special Mention: Mutts!

While your family is sure to fall in love with any of the formerly mentioned purebreds, don’t count out mixed breeds, either, which often give the best traits of two great breeds in one dog. “When considering adopting a dog, you will desire to observe how it responds to all members of your family,” says Dr. Putnam. “Some dogs are very social with everyone, as others prefer only adults or one gender.

Does the dog come near you and your family with a wagging tail or body, or does it cower in the corner of the room? How keen is the dog to play or share with your family? Some dogs become jealous of what they believe is theirs. This can escalate into a hazardous situation if young children are unaware that the dog may forcefully defend what it wants.”

Dr. Putnam also recommends considering your family’s lifestyle, and what type of energy level would fit best. “For example, if you have a family with small children, a large, rambunctious dog may involuntarily knock the children down,” she said. “If you are an avid runner and looking for a canine companion, an easy Basset Hound may not be the best match.


thus now that you know a thing or two about kid-friendly dogs, choosing one for your home and your family should be a bit simpler.