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Top Reted 5 Best Dog Food Dispenser Review & Buying Guide

Our lives are too busy, and the best dog food dispenser can help us remove the extra worry for our pets. We love our pets much and want to keep them healthy. But when we are not around them, this becomes very hard, and we continue to worry about them. But with an automatic dog food dispenser, you can feed and water them. This automatic food dispenser can dispense food promptly. It can also dispense the required amounts of food so that your dog does not overheat. Hence they would not get overweight and stay healthy.

There are various types of automatic dog food dispenser, varying with product quality, design, and budget. Therefore we are here to help you to choose the right dog feeder.

Advantages of Dog Food Dispenser

Weight Management is Easy

Most of the dogs and cats are overweight. Therefore, they lead to serious health risks like heart and kidney diseases. An automatic dog feeder will help to maintain weight. Dog food dispensers do that by giving the right amount of feed they need. If your pet gulps too fast, then an automatic feeder can slow him down. The slow mode will dispense each meal over a scheduled period. As a result, your pet will never be over weighted.


An automatic dog food dispenser can regulate your pet’s feeding time. In other words, a gravity feeder will feed your pet at the same time every day. A regular meal helps our body metabolize, and also you don’t need to consistently go through the hassle anymore.

Fresh Food Every Time

With a programmable dog food dispenser, your pets will enjoy fresh food at every meal. Those feeders will release a single portion of the meal every time. They can release even smaller but more frequent amounts of meals. Consequently, your pet will enjoy a fresh meal rather than an open bowl.

No Guilt

Our lives stay busy for months to years and decades. In this busy life, it is tough to feed our pets routinely. Dog food dispensers will regularly feed your pets. Whether you are at home or not. Therefore, automatic dog food dispensers will release you from guilt. And you can even enjoy a lovely holiday without even thinking about them.

1.Veken Pet Fountain, 84oz/2.5L Automatic Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser with 3 Replacement Filters & 1 Silicone Mat for Cats, Dogs

1.Veken Pet Fountain

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Veken Pet Fountain is best known for its water fountain. The fountain pump makes below 40dB sound. Hence it is super quiet. Therefore, no extra noisy sound. The durability is long-lasting and generally lasts between 2.5 to 4 years. It can contain 2.5 liters of water. In short, this capacity is good enough for small to medium size pets. It has a unique circulation system. This circulation system provides healthy and hygienic water to your pets. It is made of high-quality material and also BPA free. In short, it is durable and long-lasting. In the meantime, its design is intuitive to operate and clean. Furthermore, each fountain has a silicon pad to catch splashed water. 

This automatic dog feeder DIY has a total of 3 modes. The first one is a flower waterfall, the second one is a flower bubble, and the last one is a gentle fountain. Every mode matches the requirements of various pets. It has a free-falling stream and bright color light. Consequently attracting pets to drink water. This heavy-duty automatic dog feeder provides you a triple filter system. Every filtration system has a cotton layer and activated carbon. It also contains ion exchange resin. In essence, they make a triple filtration system. And this filtration system prevents your pet from sickness. 

Pros & Cons

  • Super quiet
  • High-Quality material
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Big container
  • Silicon pad to catch splashed water
  • Three different modes
  • Three filtration layer
  • Layers are combined with cotton and activated carbon
  • Also contains ion exchange resin
  • Only for water

2.amzdeal Automatic Cat Feeder Dog Feeder Cat Food Dispenser with Programmable Meal Size and Time

2.amzdeal Automatic Cat Feeder Dog Feeder Cat Food Dispenser with Programmable

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Amzdeal Automatic Feeder is one of the most known programmable meal sizes and times. This programmable dog feeder can contain 20 cups of dry food and gives four meals every day. Its feeding size option can be customized from 0 to 10 portions. Every portion holds about 20 grams. Thus, you can program the meal size and time for your pets. This consequently removes the worry about your pets that you are not home. This programmable dog feeder has an AC adapter.

Also, it supports 3×D batteries. With this in mind that your pet will get food on time. On the other hand, having a power backup is better. Furthermore, you should save the settings so that you do not need to reset the feeder if the power goes. The design of the automatic feeder DIY makes it too easy to clean. The container and bowl are separable. When your pets fill their hunger, you can remove them and clean them easily. Hence you can keep them clean all the time. This automatic DIY has a smart voice recording system. Therefore, you can record your voice for the 16s to call your pets. The programmable dog feeder will play your voice before the time of dispense. So that your pet gets a super fresh meal to enjoy. Also, they will hear you every time before they eat.

Pros & Cons

  • Programmable meal size and time
  • Contains 20 cups dry food
  • Customizable meal size
  • Voice recordable up to 16s
  • Removable container and bowl
  • 3×D batteries for backup

  • Can hold dry food only

3.SereneLife Automatic Pet Feeder – Electronic Dogs and Cat Food Dispenser 

3.SereneLife Automatic Pet Feeder - Electronic

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With SereneLife Automatic Pet Feeder, your dog will never stay hungry. It will always feed your pets well enough. This automatic dog feeder for multiple dogs will dispense food automatically. And feed your beloved pets, even if you are not home or around. This automatic pet feeder runs by cords or batteries. Therefore, even though the power goes down, your pets can still enjoy a fresh meal. Its programmable features will let you control when your pets eat or even how much they eat.

You can portion the meal from 5g to 390g. You can program it to dispense the food or automatically dispense up to 4 automatic meals every day. It has a voice recordable system and system to playback. Thus, you can record your voice and play it back just before dispensing the food. The sleek and compact design makes it a space saver and perfect for the living arrangements. In short, you can easily place it anywhere. It is BPA free, and simple plastic design is made very attractive. So that you can fit it anywhere. This programmable dog feeder can effectively control food distribution. Consequently, it makes a balanced diet for your pets. It also makes sure that pets do not overeat, and they eat promptly to keep them healthy.

Pros & Cons

  • It dispenses food automatically
  • Uses cords or batteries to run
  • Runs even if power is down
  • Programmable and customizable
  • Meal portion can be low like 5g or high like 390g
  • Voice recordable and play it back
  • BPA free simple plastic design

  • Can not contain water

4.BINGPET Food and Water Bowls for Dog Cat – Detachable Double Bowls Automatic Water Dispenser Pet Stainless Steel Feeder Bowl with Food Mat No-Spill Cat Bowls for Puppies and Kitty

4.BINGPET Food and Water Bowls for Dog Cat

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If you are looking for the best automatic pet feeder, BINGPET is for you. It has double bowls that can provide food and water simultaneously. Therefore, it matches every need to feed your dog. Even though it is mainly suitable for puppies and kitties, grown-ups can be fed as well. The unique design provides a silicone food mat, and it is anti-skid. Hence, it prevents food and water from splashing out. Furthermore, the design also includes an automatic water refill system.

The design includes the principal of the siphon. As a result, it can efficiently recognize the needed water supply and control the water level. The water bottle can contain 500ml, enough for 2-3 days for your puppies and kitties. Besides, the scale mark will help you to observe the pet’s required amount of water. Its floating disk design balances the water level and also keeps the water clean. It has a unique edge strip. Therefore, It efficiently avoids splitting so that the floor stays clean. Also, the bowl is made of stainless steel; hence it is durable enough. Its intuitive detachable design makes it possible to easily detach. Therefore, cleaning is effortless.

Pros & Cons

  • It can hold both food and water
  • Special anti-skid silicone food mat
  • Prevents food and water to splash out
  • The bottle can contain 500ml water
  • Unique edge strip
  • Bowl is made of stainless steel. 
  • Detachable design
  • Easy clean

    5.Automatic Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser in Set with Pet Food Mat for Small Medium Dog Pets Puppy Kitten Big Capacity 1 Gallon

    5.Automatic Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser

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    The Automatic Feeder and Water Dispenser is a superb automatic feeder. You will get three things with this automatic feeder. The first one is one feeder, The second one is one water dispenser, and the last one is one food mat. Each gravity pet feeder is 12×7×12 inches and can contain 1 Gallon. In short, your pets will enjoy fresh food as well as clean water. This feeder is also a pet-safe simply feed automatic feeder. Its materials are natural and safe. And you can use it anywhere.

    This pet-safe feeder is good enough for small and medium-size pets. This gravity dog feeder dispenses food when pets empty their bowl. The refill time is prolonged to avoid overeating. It also has side cut-out handles so that you can easily lift it. Furthermore, it has a non-skid rubber band. As a result, it prevents food or water from splashing out. The gravity pet feeder does not use any electricity. But its design works just by using gravity. So that you do not need to worry about a power cut or battery low. The design is also easy to clean. It is detachable, and you can detach it for cleaning. In short, you can keep your pet feeder neat and clean. 

    Pros & Cons

    • Both food and water container
    • It is a gravity pet feeder
    • It does not use power
    • You do not need to worry about power anymore
    • Next meal is prolonged
    • It has a side cut-out handle
    • Non-skid rubber band
    • Makes cleaning easy

      6.Automatic Pet Feeder | Auto Cat Dog Timed Programmable Food Dispenser Feeder for Medium Small Pet Puppy Kitten

      6.Automatic Pet Feede

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      Auto Cat Dog Timed Programmable Food Dispenser is known for its improved design and customization. This programmable dog feeder has an infrared sensor feature. Therefore, it prevents jamming and overflowing. It also prevents you from dispensing food when there is some food left in the bowl. On the other hand, many other dispensers get jammed and can not even dispense any food sometimes. This programmable feeder helps you to regulate your pet’s food. You can program it to dispense different amounts of food in every other meal. The manufacturer redesigned its switch.

      And the redesigned switch prevents your pets from clawing out more moods even though they try hard enough. Which consequently stops pets from overeating. As a result, it helps to control their balanced diet and have a healthy life. This pet food dispenser has many features like four meals a day, control food portions, dispense promptly. It also has a feature like voice record and plays. So that your pets will stay around right before dispensing the meal. It is effortless to install and has a removable container. Furthermore, it also has two-way power. One from the plug-in, and the other one is the battery.

      You can program the amount of food and the time to dispense for each meal. Even you can dispense a slight amount of food like ⅛ cup weight around 5g. In short, it ensures that your pet won’t be overfed. It has a larger capacity to hold food, and it is about 28 cups. 

      Pros & Cons

      • Improved design and customization
      • The infrared feature prevents jamming and overflowing
      • It is programmable
      • Can dispense the different amount of food at every meal
      • Voice record and play
      • It has two-way power
      • Battery backup
      • Larger storage
      • Can only hold food not water

      7.AmazonBasics Gravity Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispensers

      7.AmazonBasics Gravity Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispensers

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      AmazonBasic Gravity Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispenser is another best automatic pet feeder. It is two in one package. In short, it has both a food and a water container. The large pet waterer can contain 2.5 gallons of water, and the pet feeder can contain as much as 6kg food. The design uses gravity and supplies food and water. Consequently removes the need for power. This large dog food dispenser also removes the worry of power from your head. It’s waterer and feeder lid, and the base is made from PP, and the water bottle and hopper are made of PET. Besides, the gravity dog feeder has a side cut-out handle.

      Therefore, you can lift it easily. It also has non-skid rubber feet to ensure secure placement. These features make it ideal for single or multiple pets. Its mouth food hopper is extra wide and the water bottle as well. Altogether, It makes filling and cleaning super easy. It even gives you a one-year warranty.

      Pros & Cons

      • It has both food and water container
      • Can contain 2.5 gallons of water and 6kg of food
      • The design uses gravity to supply food and water
      • No need for extra power
      • Removes the worry of a power cut
      • It has a side cut-out handle
      • Non-skid rubber feet to ensure safe placement
      • Food hopper and water bottle is extra wide
      • Easy to clean
      • One year warranty

        8.AIIYME Food Dispenser Dog Cat Feeder, Wi-Fi Enabled APP with Voice Recorder for iOS and Android

        8.AIIYME Food Dispenser Dog Cat Feeder, Wi-Fi Enabled APP with Voice Recorder

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        AIIYME Food Dispenser is the smartest pet food dispenser that you need. You can control this smart programmable dog feeder through APP. Above all, it is a remotely controllable food dispenser. With this food dispenser, you can feed your pet whenever you want to. You can set schedules to feed your pet or can feed manually using your mobile device. This programmable food dispenser has 6L food capacity. Hence, no worry about food shortage. Also, using the APP, you can customize the different number of meals per day. Like 1 to 6 meals per day and 1 to 20 portions per meal.

        Which consequently leads to a healthy balanced diet? It also has a desiccant. As a result, it can keep foods dry and fresh. It is a smart food dispenser with voice messages and players. SO that it can call your pets when you feed them. You can control their feeding time from anywhere and anytime. It is also easy to clean with a detachable food container. This programmable pet feeder is made of BPA free ABS material. Which is nature friendly and durable? Furthermore, this feeder has a two-way power supply. The first one is by the direct plug-in, and the second one is 3 D size batteries. 

        Pros & Cons

        • It is remote controllable
        • Smart feeder
        • Programmable dispenser
        • Can control from anywhere and anytime
        • Wi-fi connectable
        • Customized meal and meal size
        • Desiccant to dry food and keep fresh
        • Voice message and player
        • BPA-free ABS material and environment friendly

        • It requires a 2.4GHz network to connect, 5GHz doesn’t support

        9.Capaboo Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispenser, Automatic Pet Waterer with 2 Food Bowls, Automatic Pet Feeder Dog Cat Food Bowl Dispenser with Activated Carbon Filter

        9.Capaboo Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispenser, Automatic Pet Waterer

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        Capaboo Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispenser is a fantastic food and water dispenser. It is mainly a gravity dispenser and a combination of food and water feeder. It has one waterer, and the capacity is 0.5 Gallon. Also, it has two feeder bowls, and the capacity of them is 350ml. Therefore, it is a more dry food holder. This gravity dog feeder will take care of your pets even though you are not around. Hence, you can enjoy a business trip or a nice little friendly chat with friends. You can remove the waterer with spiral and spring valves. Then you can fill it and attach it again. The filter contains activated carbon to filter microparticles effectively.

        So that your pet can enjoy safe drinking water. Furthermore, it has a hygiene partition plate. As a result, pets will not get their hair wet during drinking time. It also can prevent dust and dirt from polluting the water. The food bowl is made of thickened stainless steel as well as anti-rust. It is also chewing resistant. Hence, it is durable enough. In short, its lifetime is long enough. The design of the gravity dispenser makes it easy to clean. It has a detachable tower design and non-skid rubber feet. Thus, it ensures secure placement. Its separation design makes the feeder bowl and water container easy to take out. Consequently, it makes cleaning easy and easy to keep them back.

        Pros & Cons

        • The dual combination of food and water
        • Can dispense both food and water
        • Gravity dispenser
        • No need for external or internal power
        • It removes power worries
        • Filter contains activated carbon particles
        • Hygiene partition plate helps to avoid pet’s hair to get wet
        • The food bowl is durable
        • Detachable design
        • Easy to clean

          Best Dog Food Dispenser buying guide

          One should consider these features before buying an automatic dispenser.


          Before purchasing an automatic food dispenser, price is one of the key features that one should consider. However, most of the gravity food dispensers are not so pricey and affordable. But some can be costly. Those with many features. One should compare some food dispensers before purchasing one.


          Capacity is also a prime issue to consider. It is better to find an automatic dispenser that can hold more food or water. The reason being, you can stay outside for longer. It also removes extra energy to fill it once again.


          Quality is also a major issue when purchasing an automatic dispenser. One should consider cheque hardware quality. Hardware quality includes the durability of every part of the dispenser. Like, the bowl should be strong enough, and the water pot should be placed easily. Also, the cleaning hassle should be as less as possible. 

          Jam protection

          When purchasing a pet feeder, jap protection is a big issue. If the food dispenser jams now and then. Then you should stay away from that type of feeder. There is no difference between having a jammed feeder not having any feeder at all. 

          Types of food

          It is often seen that one automatic feeder is dedicated to dispenses dry food or water. But there are feeders which can dispense both water and dry food. You should consider what you need. If you need both of them. Then buying a dispenser which can dispense both food and water is a smart decision. 

          Hygiene and clean

          Hygiene is related to health. And clean is related to hygiene. Therefore, cleaning directly relates to health. And everyone is thoroughly worried about the health of their pets. One should purchase such a dispenser whose design is detachable. Detachable dispensers are easy to clean. Consequently, it is easy to keep hygiene, and you will get a healthy pet around.                      


          Are automatic dog feeders good?

          Automatic dog feeders help you to take good care of your pets. Even though you have gone on a business trip or worked late, it will dispense food and water at the right time and in the right amount. Consequently, your pets will stay healthy and happy. So with this in mind, automatic dog feeders are right for you.

          Are gravity feeders suitable for dogs?

          Automatic dog feeders help you to take good care of your dogs as well as pets. You keep continually thinking about your beloved dogs. That is, they have a balanced diet, or they are overeating. Gravity feeders dispense food and water on time. They do not dispense that much food, even though your claw friend tries harder. They dispense some portion of food which is right enough for them. Consequently, they will have a balanced diet.

          Can you put wet food in an automatic feeder?

          Automatic dog feeders can dispense dry food easily. But when it comes to wet food, gravity feeders don’t work that well. For wet food, it is good to buy an electric feeder. Electric feeders can dispense wet food better than gravity feeders.

          Final words

          An automatic dog food dispenser can release you from constant worry. Worry for your furry friends. They regularly need food and water. But it is tough to stay around them all the time. Therefore, an automatic dog feeder can help you a lot. It can dispense food and water when promptly and in the right amount. So that your furry friends will not be hungry. Even though you are not around them. Consequently, you can stay out of home for longer.

          However, choosing the right food dispenser is not so easy. They vary with budget, durability, and features. Considering this in mind, we listed some dog food dispensers. We hope it will help you to choose the right food dispenser you need.